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GoGyo/Yoyogi Uehara


On the way to Maruichi Bagel I stopped at GoGyo one warm Sunday afternoon. Gogyo is a sleek modern shop in a basement, in the hilly section of Yoyogi Uehara near the station, also near several interesting flower shops on the nearby corner. There are several tables in a slightly sunken table area and 11-12 seats at a glass-walled counter that affords a decent view of the kitchen, this is a "ramen-dining restaurant" type of place. There are two menus, one an all-day menu (from 11) and one for dinner (after 6). There are 5 types of ramen that come with four set possibilities, including chashu gohan, gyoza, ranging from 1000 to 1200 yen. They serve linguine-style noodles, actually quite flat, in the shio sort of tsukemen broth that I chose, which was decent but not outstanding - a small portion of noodles was served along with one piece of fairly fatty rolled pork, marinated think menmas and some spinach. I also got the chashu gohan, which wasn't chunk style pork but was more like Yoshinoya style. For just the tsukemen, the portion was rather small all over. Good if you are in the area. Don't get this one confused with any other GoGyo in Tokyo such as the one in Nishi Azabu.

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