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Men Takahashi/Akabane
麺 高はし/赤羽


Men Takahashi is a shop run by one lone guy (presumably Takahashi-san) - he has no ticket machine, no register, and the counter condiment bottles neede refilling and cleaning. The tonkotsu gyoukai tsukemen and ramen served at Men Takahashi have a slightly watery broth - the pork was a bit fatty and cut into approximately 1/2 inch cubes. The noodles were very mochi mochi and a decent portion. On the counter there are the condiments including a self service onion bowl for which you pay by the amount that you take, up to 3 spoonfuls for no charge - I added 6 or 7. Don't sit on the steps of the place next to it as an obasan will come out and yell at you, even if you are Japanese. The menu is outside next to the door in the empty noodle box on top of the chair. The inside of the store is cramped and about the minimum level of cleanliess that I could eat in, and the the seats are bolted to the floor. The service was very quick though. Decent but I think he needs to jazz up the broth a bit more.

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