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UPDATE 2009-05-18: This MisoMaru has been replaced by a branch of Mita Seimen Sho. This is now the second tonkotsu gyoukai shop in the Ebisu-Meguro area, third if you count Ippudo's new tsukemen.

On Komazawa-dori in Ebisu, a couple of stores and one streetlight after the Starbucks on the left side, going towards NakaMeguro, you will find MisoMaru Ramen. It bills itself as a miso ramen "senmon ten" (専門店, expert store). If you are into miso ramen specifically you might want to check it out the next time you are in the Ebisu neighboorhood. The miso broth was quite assari for miso broth but had a very rich taste with a lot of onions and sesame in it. The noodles had a giant heap of thinly cut onions on top, be sure to ask if you don't want them. The pork was the stringy rolled type so I didn't get any of it but the noodles are very good here, and you can get them in various sizes for different prices (700-900 yen) and with a large amount of toppings if you like. It looks like they have a lot of steady customers based on the conversations that were going on between some of them and the three very efficient older guys behind the counter. The menu has a fair number of other items on it including gyoza. Note that if, on the street you cross before getting to Motomaru, you make a left at the light instead of going straight, then a branch of the excellent Yotteko-ya (a yellow shop with black wood panelling on the outside) will be on the right-hand side of the street, about another 1 minute walk up the hill (going south, back towards Ebisu Garden Place).

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