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I can't say enough good things about the aburi chashu at the Ebisu Yotekko-Ya. It's grilled perfectly and makes a great compliment to the ramen broth and noodles. You can get it in the ramen, as a side dish, or on top of rice donburi-style. Outside of the occasional trip to Ramen Jiro this is probably my favorite chashu from any ramen shop. The Ebisu Yotekko-Ya is located on a corner just off of Komazawa Dori, within 2-3 minutes walk of several other good ramen shops including Tenkaippin and Kazuki. Yotekko-ya's broth is a basic tonkotsu that comes in several varieties including shoyu regular, karai (spicier), and a full Kyushu-style.

The Ebisu branch of Yotekko-Ya has an English menu with pictures, and they just added regular and spicy tsukemen dishes to their menu - I had the regular ("futsu") tsukemen with aburi chashu as a side dish. Recently for this summer they have also added hiyashi dan dan men (冷しタンタン麺), a cold tsukemen-like version of the spicy, sesame-flavored ramen dish that other chains specialize in. If you are visiting the Ebisu area I definitely recommend that you stop by. Or if you are in Shanghai there are four branches, and one in Hawaii.

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