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Better than Rokurinsha. Outstanding. This place has the same Rokurinsha taste, but even more richness and flavor. It should, it was started by a ramen chef Kuriyama-san who worked at Rokurinsha (and Jinenjo) for a while. Very thick noodles done perfectly, and the soup tastes just like Rokurinsha but seemingly like some more oil and salt was added, an even stronger コク taste. Note the very generous amount of pork that was provided for 300 yen (on top of the base 800 yen for standard-size noodles). Noodles are available hot or cold, as is regular chuka soba ramen (slightly smaller noodles are used in this case). To be sure, very few people come here for the ramen. Both omori (I guess around 250) and a larger size than that are available, for 100yen and 200yen respectively. My only quibble with the food itself is that the pork tasted (and looked) just a bit like ham, it had that salty, slightly more raw and pink texture. You will also get 1/2 an egg with it. This is the first place I have seen also that admits that the sharp-pointed no-texture plastic chopsticks are useless for picking up wet tsukemen noodles, so they actually have both the plastic ones (I guess for people who are ecologically minded) and the wooden ones. Note that they also have omiyage (お土産) tsukemen for take-out (you have to cook it at home), 1600 yen for two portions. Bowls, counters, everything looks a lot like Rokurinsha. No ticket machine, they will come out to take your order while you are on line, they will have a little copy of the menu with them. After you are done eating you will pay in the back at the Dutch door. About 10 people on line when I got there at 12:30 on a Saturday. Open until 7, no break, or until the soup runs out. Closed Tuesdays. Excellent, I now recommend this place over Rokurinsha, for people who are willing to make the longer trip, especially since this place has a much smaller line.

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Address: 日本神奈川県横浜市神奈川区六角橋1-17-29
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