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Tsukemen Marukami/MinamiKarasuyama
つけ麺 まるかみ/南烏山


Tsukemen Marukami is right near the Chitose-Karasuyama station on the Keio Line (not the New Keio Line), walk south about two minutes when coming out of the south exit. You will actually see a sign for it on the back side of one of its neighbor buildings, before you turn the corner onto the shop's street. The shop was very clean and orderly and well-run, even though there appeared to be some training of new staff going on during my visit. I had the 320g yasai soba (野菜そば) with three slices of extra chashu (total 1000yen), a hot dish which was actually like ramen, only with significantly less broth in the bowl, just enough to stir everything around in and get it coated. Good volume for the price. If you get the tsukemen instead, smaller and larger portions are available for the same price. Better pictures of all the dishes are available in the link below. The noodles were like thin spaghetti only darker and firmer. The broth was very much like the Shinjuku Ramen Jiro broth - the basic Jiro taste but with a lot less suspended fat and a stronger salty and slightly spicy taste. The yasais were evenly distributed between moyashi and cabbage, and several other types of veggies were available on the ticket machine, including scallions (わけぎ), something you don't see that often as a choosable topping. Fresh crushed garlic was available on the counter. The pork slices were a bit on the small side but well-done. No line at 11:30 AM on the Saturday before New Year's.

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