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Taifu is about 10 minutes walk down the slope (going northeast) from Korakuen Station on the Marunouchi line. Korakuen Station is two stops from Ikebukero going east. Very neat and clean shop, very brightly lit interior, 11-12 seats, no tables. Got there just after the Saturday open at 11 AM. I was the second person in the place, however a lot of people started arriving just a few minutes later, probably all locals. The place was full by 11:20. There are a few chairs outside so maybe they get busy enough at times to cause a line. The wait staff was very friendly and helpful. The mase (ma-zay) tsukemen (まぜ つけ麺) was the special at 400g - there are only 20 of these dishes for lunch and dinner each, each day. Although I would imagine that you can ask for a smaller portion if you want, it was a lot of food. This dish contains noodles of two different widths, both fettucine width and thin spaghetti widths. These noodles also were more soba-like in color, a shade darker than regular ramen noodles, and they had a lot of springyness and bite to them. They were served cold and quite wet, however I wasn’t asked whether I wanted them served hot or cold. The slight problem with that was that they were cold enough that they cooled down the broth after only a short while. Normally you would ask for some hot water from the noodle pot to be added to the broth but I was in a rush this time. The broth was like Tetsu’s broth but thinner and a bit less rich, heavier on the fish side I think than on the pork side. It contained small flakes of red pepper in it (just barely enough to taste), a few onions, and cut up pork. The extra pork I ordered was grilled on the outside and then sliced, very good looking cut.

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