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This is a new Hakata-style ramen shop in Meguro (actually in an area of Meguro-ku known as Gonnozuke-zaka). It’s in the location of a former Chinese restaurant, right at the place where Meguro-dori splits into two (the shop is on the north side), going east towards JR Meguro station. There’s a takeout grilled eel place on the other (south) side, across from the Meguro Tavern. This area on and around the slope is one of Tokyo's unheralded ramen centers, with perhaps 10 different ramen or Chinese noodle shops within 3-4 minutes walking distance.

A large handpainted wooden sign outside (visible in the photo above) sings praises about the ramen and the tsukemen, including its collagen and vitamin B. The ticket machine has an extra selection for kaedama (extra noodles served later). Few shops actually have a ticket for this - at the ones that actually offer kaedama, you can usually just ask for it midway into your bowl. The base soup broth for tsukemen is a tonkotsu base (very salty though, even for tonkotsu) broth with shoyu. Noodles were done well, and the pork was good too. Vegetables were mostly moyashis. Large slices of pork, but not grilled though, that would be the one thing that would make it really good, it was thick enough for sure with a good fat/meat ratio. A large hand-painted sign above the counter describes the shop’s ability to cook the noodles to any desired hardness/softness. Still a bit under construction inside but it was neat and clean. A short counter, but several tables facing the road. Worth a walk from Meguro station.

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