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Chyorori is right near the Ebisu headquarters of Sapporo. It gets to be busy at lunch time since there aren't many other ramen shops that closely located, within a 1-2 minute walk of Ebisu Garden Place's northeast corner. The ramen shop is laid out sort of cafeteria-style, with no counter but all tables for 6 or 8, and a TV tuned to NHK in the corner. They have standard lunch sets which include your choice of shoyu or miso ramen, gyoza or shumai, a small disk of tsukemono (actually just cabbage this time) and sometimes ma-po tofu and white rice. The broth was decent with a strong taste and rich finish and it had a good amount of onions in it and some peapods. I ordered extra chashu for 300 yen more and they delivered 5 slices in all. The service was very fast and polite. The chashu was decent but not outstanding. The shop definitely gives good value for money. Review
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