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Ramen Jiro/Musashi Koganei


Again one of the best Ramen Jiro adventures ever. Possibly exceeded only by the Hachijoji Ramen Jiro. I'll explain more about that below. Like the Hachijoji Ramen Jiro, this Ramen Jiro has a good tsukemen dish, however since it was sort of cold in the metropolis today very few people were getting it. Although some fan sites indicate that this shop has both single and double (W) buta options, there was no W buta on the ticket machine menu. And actually this shop has a different, more computerized style of ticket machine that has a video display and spits out paper tickets. After putting the coins or bills in (1000 yen bills only), you dial the number of the order that you want (in this case the shou tsukemen with pork was #19), and then hit the flashing green button to print out your ticket. This shop has a narrow counter with a line of waiting seats right behind it, and a table for 4 in the back. The shou was quite large and I was worried that I wasn't going to finish it. You can order the noodles in amounts of either 300g or 150g, same price. By default the dishes are served with a small amount of yasai, mostly cabbage, but you can request more, as well as extra abura, ninniku or spicyness.

This shop is about a 20 minute walk from Musashi Koganei station on the JR Chuo line, approximately 40 mins west of Shinjuku. Walking to the shop is nice, there are a number of interesting houses with well-tended gardens, and some plant and flower shops along the way, but if you don't want to walk then I recommend that you take the Keio #31 bus from the station, and then get off at the プール前 stop (Pool Front), the cost is 170 yen. At this Ramen Jiro they had an advertisement in front for the new Ramen Jiro that is opening up in Tochigi prefecture. A picture of it is above. The portion was very big as I mentioned. The noodles were on the thin side for a Ramen Jiro, however they were done perfectly without me having to ask for them to be done katame. The pork was a very rough and flavorful cut with the amount being equal to a W in some other shops, but with relatively little fat. The ninniku default amount was about 1 heaping tablespoon. Definitely recommended.

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