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Pai Ron/Morioka
白龍 本店/盛岡


This closet of a shop, on the road leading directly perpendicular from the middle of Iwate Koen, was suprisingly good. You will note that the pictures in the Tabelog link below have no shots of the inside of the restaurant, probably because it's so tiny and crowded, we literally had to work to squeeze ourself into a table between the counter and the wall. Here the jya jya men comes in several sizes, the small (450 yen) is more like an appetizer or side dish size. The noodles were all made in the store, some were whitish and some were green. Jya jya men noodles are more similar to udon noodles than any other type. The miso paste sauce for the noodles was extremely salty and garlicky, and there is a basket of fresh eggs at each table for you to open and mix up into your noodles. I apologize for the quality of the above picture. The correct way to eat jya jya men is to mix all of the ingredients together. A very tasty mugi-cha (barley tea) was also served at the table. If you are visiting Iwate Koen (there's a nice rose garden in the back behind the shrine (the rectangle with three squares in it on the Google map), however it also appears to have it's share of homeless people) then I recommend you stop by.

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