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Sei Rou Kaku/Morioka


On the last day of our Morioka trip we returned to Morioka City, checked our bags into a locker near the Tohoku shinkansen entrance, and set out to see a bit of the city. Of course my first agenda item was the local noodle specialities that I was told were "must-eats" by my Japanese coworkers. The first of these was Morioka reimen, a cold noodle dish with very chewy noodles, hard-boiled egg, a chunk of fairly chewy beef, and watermelon or pear served in a spicy kim-chi-like broth. This dish is supposedly originally from Korea. The place that I chose out of necessity, since our time was limited, was Sei Rou Kaku on the second floor of Gen Plaza, a combination noodle and yakiniku place near the station. This was Monday late morning and the place wasn't that crowded. In fact for a Monday it seems like the entire city wasn't in that much of a hurry, or at all that crowded. So the reimen was quite good, and the noodles were very chewy and slightly translucent. The spiciness of the kimchi broth was available in 5 levels, I went with the medium one and I probably could have gone one up from there. The broth is served cold though. I'm sure there are many many reimen places in Morioka but this one wasn't too bad for a first shot.

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