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山勝 角ふじ/新松戸


I saw a segment about Kadobuji on a Japanese ramen TV show, then I saw it on YouTube about a month later. This place will serve you any amount of noodles that you want, up to 3 kg (roughly 10 average-size servings in one bowl). I stopped there on my way to CEATEC at Chiba Makuhari Messe earlier this month. I didn't have the 3 kg ramen, luckily. I actually had the shoyu tonkotsu tsukemen. This place is about a 10-15 walk from Shin-Matusdo station so you may want to consider taking a taxi from there. The shoyu tonkotsu shiru is actually fairly "sweet", one of the sweeter ones I've had anywhere. The noodles were decently sized, perhaps a bit thin, and slippery. However they were thinner tsukemen-type noodles, not the thicker curly ones shown in the video. Also, when purchasing tickets at the ticket machine in the back of the store, a single buta (豚) ticket gets you four decent-sized slices. This shop and the Matsudo Ramen Jiro are definite recommendations for anyone who finds themselves in Matsudo City. Anyone who sends me a picture of themselves eating one of the Monster Ramen bowls, I'll be happy to post it.

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YouTube video of Kadobuji Monster Ramen (bakamori = "stupid" (big) size)
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