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Bazoku is an interesting "Chinese hand-made noodles" place right across from the East (really more North) exit of Nippori Station on the Yamanote line. In the third picture above you can see the staff making noodles from long strands of dough in the front window, banging it on the counter, shaping it, puling it, over and over again. The noodles were as you would expect very fresh and good, fairly chewy, they were served as part of the tsukemen and were almost completely submerged in water, making them a bit slippery to pick up so you have to choke down a bit on the chopsticks. The tsukemen broth and pork were both very very salty - the pork was average, cold slices from a roll. Grilling them for 15 seconds would have made a big difference. The broth was a standard thin shoyu taste with a smattering of onions. The shop was very busy and customer turnover was very fast, but the staff was very friendly and polite to us. There were people coming and going from both exits at all times. They also had a large number of other noodle dishes on the wall-mounted menu (no English), including yasai (vegetable) ramen and dan-dan men. The tsukemen was the main dish to get as that seemed to be what many people were ordering. If you are in the area and need a bite to eat check it out.

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