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Ramen Yokohama-Ya/Yokohama


Guest review from McTojo:

After reading several food guides, and comparing some of them, I found this little gem called Nishiguchi Ramen located outside of Yokohama Station west exit. It's a 2 or 3 minute walk from the west exit to this place. Just veer right to the side streets where you'll see neon lights. Important landmark is the Tokyu Hotel on a small dirty street lined with many little ramen shops. It's took me an hour to find this place when in actuality it only takes less than five minutes on foot.

For me, without using all of the fancy terms associated with ramen, this ramen was thick and flavorsome. A keypoint feature is the one inch thick pork cutlets - two slabs. Nice long thick firm noodles, the rich soup with its oily texture, yet smooth enough when it goes down the throat without leaving you feeling guilty.

(first + second pics are McTojo's, the third and fourth are mine)

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