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Jyuton is a small ramen/tsukemen shop located on a corner right across the street from one of Bic Camera's several locations in Ikebukero. There was nothing really special about this place to make me want to recommend it, it was decent but nothing special. In Ikebukero you have to be a really good ramen shop to stand out from the crowd, it is one of the main areas in Tokyo to get a good bowl. For a place that was in Ikebukero, close to the station, on a street corner no less, it was kind of suprising that there was practically no one in the place. Shoyu chashu tsukemen was pretty standard, no suprises, noodles were very thin. Strong onion flavor in the broth. Very roomy shop though, not like some of these places where you have people practically sitting in your lap. I'll have to research this place a bit more to see if there is something else special about it that I missed, many ramen shops in Ikebukero advertise their "Tokyo tonkotsu taste", perhaps that was it and I will have to return for a hot bowl of ramen at a later date.

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