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Tsukumo Ramen/Hiroo


Tsukumo Ramen in Hiroo (the store is called the Ebisu-ten but actually it is in Hiroo) is another strong contributor to the Ebisu ramen scene. It's northeast of the station. In the summer, they keep the front door open, and even though there is an air conditioner running inside the shop, it can get a bit uncomfortable inside. The shop is fairly crowded given its size, with a counter, small tables and a large table. If you are waiting outside then usually the waitress will come out with a menu for you to pre-order from. However the frantic pace behind the kitchen counter seems to always mean that there will still be a wait even after you sit down. The signature dish is "cheese ramen", this is a standard miso ramen, good miso base, corn and other toppings are available. You get your choice of two from a list. Then on top of that they grate a fair portion of Hokkaido cheese on top using a special electric (loud) grating machine on the counter that you can see from your seat. They only have approximately 200 of these cheese ramen dishes per day. This is really rich stuff and needless to say there's almost always a line there. They also have a very respectable tonkotsu ramen and during the summer they also have various hiyashi chuuka dishes including one with chicken strips in a rich sesame sauce.

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