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Jin Din Rou/Ebisu


In a separate post about Din Tai Fung I sang the praises of their noodle dishes and shorompo (broth-filled Chinese dumplings). However many Din Tai Fung branches are a little bit of a hike from the center of Tokyo and the ones that are near the center (Shinjuku, Ikebukero) are frequently crowded, especially on weekends. For people who want to know of a restaurant that is very similar to Din Tai Fung in many respects including the quality of its shorompo, definitely check out Jin Din Rou in Ebisu (there are also branches in Chiba and Yokohama but I have not been to those branches). Jin Din Roh is located directly on the west side of Ebisu station (go down the large staircase directly across from the sky-walk-level ticket gate). They have several interesting shorompo selections including regular pork broth, miso and tea-flavored ones. The tea-flavored ones had a very different taste, the flavor of tea is something that you can't always combine with many other things at will I guess. They also have a number of excellent soup and noodle dishes include a very good dan-dan men (has a very rich sesame and spice taste) and the hiyashi chuuka (good-tasting cold broth over ramen noodles and julienned veggies and ham, but the regular portion is a bit small though, pictured above). The soups are also available in o-mori large sizes for those with large appetites. Always crowded at lunch time.

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