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RyotanTei in Honancho is just a couple minutes west from Honancho station, the last stop going west on the Marunouchi subway line from Shinjuku. It's an interesting little shop that unfortunately had no aircon going, just open windows and electric fans, on a not-so-cool mid-September Saturday. The very nice woman behind the counter spoke decent English even though it wasn't necessary. Many of the customers who came in after me ordered the wonton men, a hot soup dish, which was interesting since it was a hot day. There must be something special about that dish, I will have to try that next time. The tsukesoba with a chashu plate combination was good - very thin but tasty noodles, the portion was a bit small though. They also put a lot of nori and a slice of lemon on them. The chashu slices were sliced against the grain, giving them a rough texture, and the pork had the reddish outside color as though it had been seasoned or marinated or whatever, and then cooked Chinese-style. It was delivered with a tasty brown sauce and freshly chopped onions on top. Not bad overall.

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