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麺処 まるよし/桜台


Maruyoshi Shiru Soba (汁そば) is located almost right outside the south exit of Sakuradai station on the Seibu Ikebukero line. It's a very small shop that appears to be run by a single family, including a daughter. There's 4-5 counter seats and a table for 4, that's it, it's a really small shop. Their tsukemen comes in 4 different sizes from 180g all the way to 600g, the largest portion size I have ever seen at a normal ramen or tsukemen shop. The noodles were similar to Jiro noodles in texture and color except somewhat thinner, they came with a small dab of wasabi on the bowl, this was good since I needed to spice the sauce up a bit. I ordered the zenbu-iri dipping sauce (meaning "with everything", including chashu, wontons, veggies and an egg). The sauce had a good pork-fish taste but it was a bit on the watery side (perhaps there was some extra water that got in there from the veggies) and the veggies included carrots, something I have never seen before. The chashu slices were pretty plain with not much fat on them. This place was decent overall however if you are in the Sakuradai station area you might want to check out the Ramen Jiro Sakuradai location first.

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