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Manbaken is on the southern half of Meguro-dori, slightly east of JR Meguro station going torwards Shirokanedai. They have a few interesting things on the menu that most ramen shops don't have, including chahan sets. The chashu tsukemen was decent. The pork slices were the thin rolled-layers type - you can tell them whether you want slices with more or less fat on them. I asked for the noodles to be katame but they weren't very. The broth had a very strong shoyu taste and there was a good portion of moyashis in the bowl. The seats are the ones that are screwed to the floor, a bit of an annoyance for a wide gaijin like myself. The buta meshi bowls looked good, they are a new addition to the menu as part of some sets, but I haven't had them yet.

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