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Ramen Ren/NakaMeguro
らーめん 蓮/中目黒


Ramen Ren is on Yamate Dori near the large garbage burning tower in NakaMeguro. It's just north of and on the other side of the street from AIUEO and the Meguro Ramen Jiro. This place was quite busy for a regular neighborhood ramen shop on a fairly warm mid-September Saturday afternoon, three or four people in front of me. Fortunately they have several chairs inside. Very clean and professional interior. Watch your step when you go in the front door, there's a little landing you have to step up onto to get to the ticket machine. The tsukemen noodles were very good, the only problem is that they cannot do them al-dente (katame), for whatever reason, I think she said something about the lesser cooking time being a problem but not sure. Medium thickness, little to no curliness. The pork was good and thin slices but quite salty. Not grilled, boiled. The best part was the broth, very generous amount of tama-negi in it and a few small bits of chashu, it was almost like a stew it was so thick. Also there was a small portion of spinach- or horensou-like greens on the place, and a small dab of a slightly greenish mustard paste (I don't think it was wasabi), that went right into the broth. Noodles came in regular, large and very large amounts on the ticket machine, the regular was approximately 250g I think. Good taste.

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