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Elvis Ramen/Higashi Ikebukero


Elvis (Erubisu) Ramen in Higashi Ikebukero is just north of the busiest part of Higashi Ikebukero, the part right outside the station exit. This area of Ikebukero is well-known for a number of good ramen shops including Ramen Jiro and Tonchin. Elvis has two locations in Ikebukero, the other one is on the other side of the station near Marui department store. Although the shop shares it's name with The King, there's no Elvis memorabilia or an Elvis impersonator outside the shop. At this shop the chashu tsukemen is 1000 yen, a bit on the expensive side. The broth was pretty standard and while it had a decent taste and lot of onions in it, it was on the thin side (not thick). The noodles were also decent and well done, although not a particularly large portion, could not have been more than 200g. However the chashu was the rolled and thinly sliced kind that tends to fall apart once you dunk it in the broth. Overall not bad but if you are in the area you might want to look at some of the other shops too.

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