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Kake Ramen Ichiban/KamiOsaki


Kake Ramen Ichiban is a small chain of about 6 or 7 ramen shops in Tokyo and a couple outside of it. Actually Kake Ramen is more like a Chinese restaurant that also has ramen on the menu. The Kami Osaki branch, just north of Meguro station on the opposite side of the street, has ample seating inside at both counters and tables. The food here is good, and it's *very* reasonably priced. They have several Chinese set menus such as pork + vegetables, chicken karage, many other items, sort of like Chinese Cafe Eight. They also recently started carrying a summer cold noodle menu and they now have several chahans (fried rice dishes) on the menu (these items do not appear on the web site, they may not be at all branches). An omori (large size) pork and egg chahan with a bowl of chicken broth on the side was 490 yen, that is an excellent price for a generous portion of food for this area of the city. I could have added a plate of 6 small gyozas for another 160 yen. If you want some cheap decent Chinese eats and you are in the neigborhood, this is the place for you.

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