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Sosan No Mise/Yoyogi
曽さんの店/ 代々木


So the word of the day is serendipity. I had meant to investigate Sosan No Mise's tsukemen at the same time as Tsukemen Banei back in June, since it is right next door, but I didn't have the time that day. Having found myself in the area once again, I took advantage of it. I discovered that their ramen and tsukemen are definitely respectable, especially considering there was only one chef for the whole place (a 15-seat counter). They were the main reason for my visit. Now I don't normally buy gyoza in ramen shops since they are generally average. Suprisingly though, Sosan No Mise's pork gyoza are hand-made and really good, much better than average. These gyoza are shaped differently from "normal" gyoza and have a much thicker slightly fluffy casing and a more flavorful filling then the average gyoza. To be sure, they are more expensive (550 yen IIRC), but they are also a bit bigger. A plate of six of these is almost a meal in itself. They also have a number of Chinese dishes including deep-fried pork and various other veggies.

So if you've been shopping on Shinjuku Southern Terrace and now feel like a local snack that will fill you up instead of waiting for an hour at Krispy Kreme, take a short walk a bit more south to Yoyogi station, and this place is just outside the entrance. Then you can hop back on the Yamanote-sen or Chuo-sen at Yoyogi station and avoid the human tidal wave of Shinjuku station...

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