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Kagetsu is one of the largest ramen chains in Japan, if not the largest, with over 210 stores throughout 30 prefectures, including almost 50 in Tokyo alone. They have a varied reasonably-priced menu with all major ramen styles represented, including miso, shoyu, tonkotsu, chuuka soba, tsukemen, some fried rice dishes, sides etc. On this visit I went to the Kagetsu in Hiratsuka, walking from the 戸越銀座 station.

The reason for my visit was that this chain had recently started advertising a Ramen Jiro competitive dish called Shin Taro. Well to say the least, it was a respectable effort but it wasn't the same thing. I realistically didn't think it would be the same thing as Ramen Jiro, but I was curious how far a large chain could come. First of all it was a respectable volume. They should have served it in a white bowl, that would have helped with the illusion a bit. The noodles were really not the same as Ramen Jiro noodles, they were darker and much thinner, almost like yakisoba color. The pork was paper thin and the veggies were OK in quality but not much of a portion. The soup did have some of the Ramen Jiro taste, but much more on the shoyu side. No garlic on the counter, just a little bit in the soup, and they didn't even ask me whether I wanted it or not. So while this is a decent place to go in general, I wouldn't make a special trip for the Shin Taro.

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