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Ramen Jiro/Namamugi

Not a short walk from the station. Take the path in the "Better Map with Directions from Station" link below - trust me - any other way that looks closer goes up a really steep hill, which isn't shown on the map. Got there at the open and I was the only one there. The shou (small) was actually very small, the smallest one I've had to. I would have gotten the dai if I had known, and if you are at all in the mood for eating pig, definitely get the hachi(8)-mai buta. Black countertops and plenty to read under the counter. Very roomy, one of the roomiest. Very good broth taste but the default serving of yasai and the pieces of pork were both pretty small, might want to ask for yasai mashi (extra) or mashi mashi (extra extra). Ramen Jiro Information Page
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