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Kakuni Ramen/Himonya

Interesting place specializing in kurobuta pork (from black pigs, not clear whether they were Chinese or Japanese). Kakuni is the term for pork belly that has been boiled for a long time. Across Meguro-Dori from the GakugeiDaiGaku Daiei store, which is an interesting place to spend an afternoon in itself. The tsukemen broth had a very good taste, but the kakuni portion was a bit on the light side. It was served in large square chunks. I ordered the omori and the tsukemen ramen was actually served twice, first a plate of thinner men, then, presumably after they had cooked a little longer to reach the same level of katame-ness, another plate of thicker men. All-in-all not bad and they have a very diverse menus with a lot of interesting items, consider it if you are in the area.

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