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Menkobo DanDan/Heiwajima
麺香房 暖々/平和島

There are a number of ramen shops that I will (for lack of a better term), refer to on this blog as "Jiro-like". Same salty/slightly peppery/garlicky, fatty shoyu/tonkotsu blend, same thick noodles, same moyashi/cabbage combination as Ramen Jiro. Menkobo DanDan is one of them and I would say it is one of the best of the Jiro-like crowd that I have been to so far. The line was not too bad (around 10 people) at about 2 PM on a Sunday. Nice music inside, very quiet, roomy, no small talk. Not more than 10 seats though. The noodles were fairly katame, probably as al-dente as you would want, and they are the squiggly kind that curl up well with the moyashi. The broth was very salty. I had the tsukemen with chashu (black and yellow chips from the picture page below). Very nice all around.

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