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Ramen Jiro/Sakuradai


The Sakuradai Jiro is one of the newest Ramen Jiro branches. It's a very kirei and new looking operation, with a shiny yellow banner outside and clean countertops. Large windows for all of those waiting outside. Standard Jiro with wider flatter noodles, not so katame. As for veggies, it was roughly an even 50/50 split between moyashi and cabbage, that's the right ratio in my opinion. The chashu was top notch. Not too bad of a line when I went there (< 10 people). The Ikebukero Jiro tends to get relatively busy, even for a Jiro. So if you are in the neigborhood, Sakuradai is only four stops west on the Seibu Ikebukero line from Ikebukero and has the added convenience of being literally right next to the station. Ramen Jiro Information Page
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