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Nouilles de Lan Zhou/Montreal


A medium-sized multi-level place with both tables and counter space, wrapped in plastic vinyl blinds around the entrance. You can see the noodles being made thorough the front window at certain times, and it attracts some tourists constantly. There is a medium-sized Chinese grocery including both dry and wet goods in the basement. The restaurant has a multi-page menu but most people were simply getting the Lan Zhou noodles in soup. The "medium" is tremendous in size, the bowl is 12 inches across - I am glad I didn't order the large. You can choose the size and shape of the noodles you want along with spicy or non-spicy broth. The broth has a nice rich but measured flavor, with a slight herby taste like pho broth. The pork however was very lacking. If you are not really adept with chopsticks you will need to ask for a fork to pick up the noodles. Recommended in spite of the pork.

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