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Ippudo Express/Solamachi


Ippudo "cafeteria-style" at Tokyo Sky Tree. Service was extremely quick, just line up at the first counter and pay, then go collect your ramen at the second counter a mere 3 feet to the right. Plenty of space to sit in a general shared food court area. Menus in English and other languages. They have the shiro-maru, the aka-maru and the hakata chuuka soba, unfortunately the porkslices are so thin you can almost see through them. What can I say, this was the same basic Ippudo taste. No porky tonkotsu smell so I wonder whether they truck the broth in from another place or not. My first time to Tokyo Sky Tree - all new, very touristy, and there are several other ramen options in the place. Hard to recommend this as the first choice even though Ippudo is usually my default recommendation for people when they ask me what ramen shop to go to in Tokyo (many shops, consistent product, no fuss).

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