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Gyoza No New York/Otemachi

In the basement of Otemachi Financial City, my company's new Tokyo home, good yakigyoza or suigyoza. Second outpost of a Tachikawa-based chinese restaurant chain. Got the su-ra-tan-men set, very mild suratan flavor compared to most places. Some carrots and peppers and other veggies on top, not sure why. Just barely a hint of sweetness. Not a strong peppery or vinegary flavor. The hot dense soup tends to cook the noodles even more so you have to eat it quickly. One great thing is that they have all-you-can-eat self-serve mapo tofu that was actually quite good and satisfying. The tencho is this super genki guy whose voice carries almost through the entire basement. Probably a bit on the pricey side for the amount you get, but respectable and can be recommended - other than Ramen Bannai this is your only option for noodles in soup in the entire OFC complex.

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