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Menya Sou/NakaMeguro
麺屋 宗/中目黒


Please see our previous review of Menya Sou's original shop in Takadanobaba here.

Please also see some good background on the original shop here.

This is the second branch of Menya Sou. It's a short walk south from NakaMeguro Station on Yamate Dori. If you pass the blue-fronted Kennedy Steak House you've gone (much) too far. They have free wifi available and NakaMeguro is a nice residential neighborhood with some nice shops to walk around in prior to or after your meal. I had the shio ramen with extra noodles and chashu. They added some of those long stringy "take" mushrooms that I am not crazy about. I also had the chashu donburi as a side dish, that was actually the better of the two. The ramen was good but not great, however the broth had a clear rich taste. Few customers in the place on a weeknight. In a slightly awkward location next to/behind one of the kosenkyou's along Yamate Dori.

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