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MenDokoro Okaji/Jinbocho
麺処 おかじ/神保町


Mendokoro Okaji has several types of ramen but the kind that I recommend going for is their sort of version of tori pai tan, rich chicken broth with either a chicken patty or pork slab (sometimes with bones) in it. Tori pai tan (see here) is a slightly creamier version of chicken broth, sort of the chicken version of tonkotsu. This place had a good version, they tried to be all artistic with the garnish and the lemon. They had the usual set of instructions pasted to the counter on when to add the lemon etc. Took them quite a while to fry up the chicken thing though, and they were a bit suprised when I ordered it. I was the first one there for lunch but the place started filling up a bit afterwards. Just off of Hakusan Dori north of Jinbocho Station. 11-7, closed Sundays and holidays.

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