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Miscellaneous Links

Sorry for the hiatus all - was travelling for work and vacation for quite a while. Now back in Tokyo, here are three links that have graced my Inbox recently:

From Justin McCurry at The Guardian (RamenTokyo gets a plug here):

Ramen - Japan's Super Slurpy Noodles

From Sandra at Japan Pulse:

Morning Ramen - Breakfast of Tokyoites

On the FC2 Japanese video sharing site (the title literally translated is "Sneaking In! The Real Scoop (Scope?) on Ramen Jiro's Secrets"):

潜入!リアルスコープ ラーメン二郎の秘密

The Meguro Ramen Jiro is less than 10 mins walk from where I live and work so I have probably been there about 10 times over the last few years. In my opinion it's not as good as it used to be, you really don't get any meat anymore, seems like almost all fat.

Enjoy. More reviews to come shortly, did a lot of typing up on the plane rides...