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About a 1 month back-up on reviews, as you can probably tell from the sakura trees in the above photo, looking north on Nakano Dori. This is what the place in Ebisu should have been, if it wanted to stick with the shoyu thing. Latest creation from the Jiragen people, who started off in Honancho IIRC. Even richer broth, well-grilled pork with texture and flavor, and excellent store-made noodles. For the tsukemen, it is available in both shoyu and shio flavors. Good ranking on Supleks. The inside and outside of the shop are made up to look like some sort of jazz club or soul food diner, and there is a liberal amount of English signage around, but not so much on the ticket machine. Shop is a bit loud due to the layout, the cramped conditions, and the fact that there were 4 people working there that day. 2 tables for 4 upstairs I believe. No real fixed vacation day. I believe this place moved from its original location in Honancho (Marunouchi Line) to become this chain's new "hon ten". Worth it if you are in the area but would not make a special trip.

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