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This branch of Nagi's claim to fame is to have a thicker "noukou" tonkotsu soup. This was one of the places that Matt Gross went to during his recent trip and sure enough, a cutout of Matt's article as it appeared in the printed NY Times is posted on the wall, luckily right next to where I was sitting, you can see a picture of it above. This is a *crazy* busy place, with these poor people running around like chickens with their heads cut off. The floor can be slippery when it rains, one of the shop staff warned me about it and then promptly slipped on the floor himself. My reference base for this type of shop will be Santouka or Ippudo. I personally found the broth a bit less salty and flavorful than Ippudo, and perhaps a touch thicker but not incredibly so. But the pork was excellent, like roast pork with a flavorful grilled and caramelized skin. Kaedama was very popular and at least half the patrons were getting it. The gyoza are reputed to be very good here but I have not had them. About 1/2 hour wait at 12:30 on a weekday. Open past midnight every night but Sunday.

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