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Chomoranma is an interesting new ramen shop/izakaya within easy walking distance of JR Ebisu Station. It's another example of the ramen/izakaya or men-sakaba trend. In fact this place writes "sakaba" right on their sign up above the entrance. Another example of this in Ebisu is Kamachi which is closer to the station and has a smaller ramen menu but a larger non-ramen menu. Chomoranma or "Zhumurangma" is the Mandarin Chinese word for Mt. Everest. Inside the restaurant they also have some faint murals of mountains painted on the walls behind the hanging menu cards. On weekdays at lunch time they have a crudely-photocopied paper menu which contains gyoza and other fried-dish teishokus on the top, and ramen dishes on the bottom. Come at other times and you will get this interesting fold-out menu that is easier to read and has all of the izakaya-type dishes and other specialties on it in addition to a subset of the lunch time ramen/teishoku menu. Above you can see pictures of the Shisen dan-dan men and the tori-niku nikomi men. The excellent Shisen dan-dan men contains a lot of ground meat and is the first example of dan-dan men that I have seen made with sanshou (山椒, or Szechuan pepper). It will be a bit difficult for me to go back to regular dan-dan men after having it prepared this way. Also not to be missed, the tori-niku nikomi men has a tasty rich chicken broth with a generous portion of shoga and hakusai in it, and chicken meat (skin on). Giant yaki gyozas as a side dish, 8 of them, twice the size of regular ones, round out what was a great meal for the price. If you order a lunch teishoku that comes with rice, they will put a small dish of pickled menma on the table, don't miss them, they are strongly flavored but excellent. Picture of that above, along with the sui gyoza, which are basically the same as the yaki gyoza except served in soup. I don't say this type of thing that frequently, but within its genre I would say that it warrants a higher rating on Tabelog than it currently has.

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