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On our way to our usual 500 yen ketchi cheapskate lunch at Ebisu Sakura Suisan one day (no laughing please - I happen to like that place...), my coworkers and I saw the sign for Kamachi out on the road near the station. Being the daring adventurous types as always, we decided to give it a try. It's in the second floor of a nondescript office building directly across from Ebisu Station's east side, sort of south from the excellent Jin Din Roh. Kamachi is part noodle house and part izakaya - the term apparently is men-saka-ba (麺酒場, not sake-ba but saka-ba). At lunch time they have yasai ramen and also a tsukemen dish with good chashu, with various side options. The noodles here were excellent, possibly the best in the Ebisu area. Extremely mochi mochi, almost like spaetzle or perfectly-cooked very thick spaghetti in their springiness, easily the equal of Mita Seimen Sho or similar. Lunch until 3. Closed Sundays and holidays. Free upgrade to large portion.

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