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Literally only 3 minutes walk from JR Tamachi Station is the little shop Ryoka, situated on a corner right off of the Daiichi Keihin. This is a small shop with a 6-7 seat counter and one table. This place has an excellent Shanghai sui-gyoza and chicken shio broth ramen lunch set for only 800 yen. Very good chicken broth, definitely tasted like it had been simmered for a long time, with a real chicken no less, and also pieces of shredded chicken and horenso (spinach). The gyoza were firm, with a thick wrapper, and full of meat and very flavorful. Other items are the yaki gyoza, which look just like the sui gyoza except they are fried. Other than that the lunch menu there is limited though but don't worry about that, just get the lunch set and enjoy.

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