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Buta Ko Mugi/Gotanda


Another Jiro clone (name means "pig and barley/wheat"), this time near JR Gotanda station. Very friendly woman with powerful lungs outside guiding people into the shop. The background music was the Beatles. Broth was a bit weak, not like a real Jiro taste, soup was almost clear, not too much fat. Had a nice conversation with one of the other patrons sitting next to me (who spoke pretty good English) about the local area and our work. Pork was fairly dry. Noodles very thin, like linguine. Shoyu tare in the tall brown beer bottle with the dispenser top. Free toppings include tama negi, a bit rare for this type of shop. They also had a gentei curry-topped ramen that actually looked a bit strange in the photo on the wall. The Gotanda area can use a Jiro-themed shop, but we can probably do better than this, especially this close to the one on Yamate Dori. First 10 customers on line every day get free extra pork. Closed on Sundays. Don't rush.

On the way back stopped at the Wired Cafe on the second floor of the Gotanda Atre, above the Seijo Ishii. Internet signal iffy as always there.

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