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Tokyo Tori Soba Tomo/Higashi Oi
TOKYO 鶏そば TOMO/東大井


A new (or at least uncommon) idea in ramen - chicken soup, and a pretty good one too. Better than Ramen Zero, in my opinion. This ramen shop Tokyo Tori Soba Tomo specializes in only one kind of broth - chicken. Note that I said chicken, not shio. While shio broth usually comes from chicken stock as a base, this broth is really what I would call "home-style" chicken soup. I believe there might be a bit of tonkotsu in there too, but not sure, as I detected a faint taste of it, and it was super salty and fatty, even fattier than could be expected from just chicken. I got the tori chashu men (鶏チャーシューメン) which comes with five or six slices of chicken breast "chashu", all with the skin on. The chicken that these slices came from must have been well-grilled, and interestingly enough there were also little extra slices of grilled chicken skin in the bowl too, you can see them in the lower left of the bowl. Very small shop, only 8-9 seats, simple menu on the machine. The tori chashu men doesn't come with an egg by default. Definitely better than its rank on Supleks suggests, worth a trip if you are in the area, say for the Ito Yokado or similar.

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