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Ramen Jiro/Senjuohashi


First Ramen Jiro east of the loop that I have been to in a while. The reason for the delay on this one is that I saw a number of scary pictures of lines 40-50 people long for a while, right after it opened (in April IIRC). Take the Keisei line to Senjuohashi station. When I got there on a Saturday at 10:30 (opens at 11), the line was only 10 people long, and a steady rain was coming down. Usually the line will go around the building corner, it's literally right there when you come out of the station. This shop is brandy new, very clean with a bathroom in the back. The noodles were lighter and thinner than most Jiro noodles. However the pork was very dry and had strips of the tough fat running through it. Standard Jiro broth, not much suspended fat. Overall decent but might not be worth the change at Ueno from JR to Keisei to get there. Note that there was also a sign for the new Moriya Jiro in Ibaraki-ken (40 mins from Akihabara on Tsukuba) on the front door, this branch opened on or around the beginning of June and hasn't gotten stellar reviews either. So now were back down to two Jiro branches I haven't been to yet.

Dragonia Ryuhei (good pics)
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