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Ramen Jiro/Omiya


Much of the area around JR Omiya Station seems a bit on the seedy side. If I never came back here again it would be too soon. A fair bit of garbage, odd-looking people walking around. On both sides of the Omiya Ramen Jiro there were love hotels. This Ramen Jiro opened last August to a bit of fanfare as it was the first one that had opened in a while. Finally got a chance to go up there on Sunday as their weekend hours are a bit weird, only open starting at 5 PM on Sundays, and noon to 4 on Sunday. The waiting time at this Jiro was about 30 mins, divided into two lines both in front of the place and directly across the street. The woman will come out to remind you to come in and buy a chip, or to see what chip you've bought, or to cajole you to move from one line to another. The soup was quite different here from other Jiro branches, there was no suspended fat at all, and the broth was not clear, with a strange slightly milky taste. The noodles were very thin, thinner than most other Jiros, similar to linguine, and over cooked. The pork was average for Jiro. One item on the toppings menu that is not usually on other Jiros is togarashi, but I didn't have it. No tissues or napkins. They do have tsukemen though, which again I did not try. Not sure this is worth the trip (from the lower 23 anyway).

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