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Sichuan noodle place - excellent dan-dan men and a special "tsuyu-nashi" dan-dan men. If you are into dan-dan men then I would say this place is a must for you. They serve a special dan-dan men with just a very light spicy sauce (no full broth), and a lot of ground beef, greens and excellent spices (the second one down on the left on the menu picture above, it will be on the ticket machine as you walk in the door also). You can order the spiciness as level 3, 4 or 5 (you will see the levels on the machine too). I really liked the tsuyu-nashi dan dan men, that's what most of the other people in the store were having. Very creamy taste, the spices were perfect for me, the ground meat was good too - although I am not an expert on that part of the world I believe that this is how dan-dan men is frequently served in China. Once everything was mixed up in the bowl it was really quite excellent. Also what's good about this place is that their other offerings, such as the chashu-men, look good too.

Also because I couldn't resist, and I have no other category for this kind of stuff, here's a picture of a cranky-looking dog with a really bad combover.

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