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Ramen Jiro/Yokohama Kannai


Be sure to remember that this Jiro is closed on Wednesdays. It's right on the main drag going west from JR Kannai station on the Keihin Tohoku sen. There was a line of about 15 people at 1 PM in the afternoon on a Thursday - this was expected for a Jiro and a shop of this level of food quality. Make sure that when you get close to the door you are not blocking the sidewalk since people come down that sidewalk on bikes really fast. Get a drink from the machine outside before hand. This is a really "sparsely-appointed Jiro", to put it mildly, and it is very narrow in the back, with a bunch of curtains hiding a bunch of boxes. This is quite definitely the best shiru-nashi abura soba I have had anywhere, maybe with the exception of Ikaruga. There's an interesting picture above of the fish that were hanging out to dry in front of the place - probably must be for the restuaurant/izakaya next door. You can get the shiru nashi without the raw egg. While the chashu is the rolled type, it is not the stringy thin-cut rolled type, bur rather a thicker type that falls apart nicely in the bowl and is not too fatty. This is the only Ramen Jiro in Yokohama, but not the only one in Kanagawa-ken. A very rich broth, the noodles were done perfectly - unfortunately I screwed up and forgot to take a picture of it, so I will have to cheat and point you to someone else's on the Internet. This is definitely a recommended shop. you can take the express Keihin Tohoku sen from JR Shinagawa or Tokyo stations, from Shinagawa it will get to Kannai in about 25 mins, and then it's about 10 mins brisk walk going west from the station.

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