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Dragon Hanten/Ebisu


Until about 3 months ago I was actually not aware that this place was here - we don't always come down this far from the office at lunch time. It's owned by the Kiwa Group, a conglomerate that owns a number of Chinese restaurant chains in the city and elsewhere. It's next to a branch of Toraji that I have been to and which is quite good. However this place is not on Supleks (at least the current name of the place is not, the old one is there though) It's more of a Chinese cuisine place I think, although they do have several noodle dishes including various ramens. The name of the place when I went to it was Dragon Hanten. Inside it's more like a Chinese cafe, located on two floors, with larger rooms on the second floor. It's supposed to be quite famous for the dan-dan men - however I had the suratanmen, which was pretty good, however it was served really hot and the noodles were very fine, which is a problem since they tend to get mushy quickly when the broth is very hot. And the service was *really* slow (for 1 PM on a Saturday even), maybe one of the waitstaff was out or something. It's right across from the "two sisters" Korean barbecue place with the yellow sign. The service was so slow that the people at the next table were getting annoyed with the slow service, something you rarely see in Japan.

UPDATE 2009-02-16 - they appear to have upgraded the service level and the server was very quick and friendly, and I had a great meal with my coworkers, including various Szechuan style dishes.

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