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I'll say that this place is in Akihabara even though it is technically Kandaizumicho. I was the first one in there on a Saturday, just after the open. It is right on Showa Dori - up about 1 min or so walking north (on the east side) from the light across Showa Dori, right behind Yodobashi Akiba. It was rather dark inside, there is no ticket machine or even printed menus, the only menu they had was a hand-written one, one that they take down from the wall and show you - my recommendation from that menu is the "aburi kaku ni raumen" (炙り角煮らうめん). It was a good tonkotsu gyoukai - a standard offering, not a lot of grittiness. Very unique to this place was two large pieces of kakuni buta, at least 3/4 of an inch thick and three inches long, not unlike Musashi in Okachimachi right near by. The only complaint is that for the price 950 or 1000 yen IIRC, there should have been more noodles. Actually it is a fairly large place, but counter only, and quite roomy inside. Pressed garlic and shichimi were available on the counter. The soup had chopped tama-negis and green onions and the black stringy mushroom thingys. Overall this was pretty good - again roughly the same style as the Kaku Ni ramen at the Okachimachi Musashiya.

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