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This Hakata tonkotsu place on Yamate Dori has a U-shaped counter going around the room - it was almost empty at 2 PM on a Friday - they claim to be Hakata tonkotsu specialists and they offer 7 levels of control over the amount to which the noodles are cooked. Like ippudo, the pork included in the ramen is very thin. They have extra garlic and shoga and whole sesame on the table. They were playing English radio stations loudly in the shop. The soup has a base tonkotsu taste, but with less tonkotsu fattiness and almost no smell - a bit more watery and much less salty. The portion was pretty small, but the price was 650 yen. The noodles were very thin and very good, with small bits of suspended fat, a medium level of broth thickness. They have various lunch teishokus.

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